Le Celline

The agricultural enterprise Le Celline is a brand-new entity established in February 2015.
It has its place of business and makes wine in San Martino di Codroipo, in the setting of the marvelous “Borgo”, next to the Museum of Carriages and just a few steps from Villa Manin.
Chiara and Ivan run the business following the ancient wine-making tradition combined with the modern enological know-how.

The quality of Friuli

Each wine is characterized by a unique timbre, each variety is optimized by the existing terroir and reflects the soul of Friuli.

As tradition wants

Harvesting is managed as the oldest tradition wants.

Colli Orientali FVG

All vineyards are situated in the area of Colli Orientali del Friuli (Eastern Hills of Friuli) and this enables to rely on grapes with qualities which are typical of hills.

A different scenery

Despite its limited territorial extension, Friuli Venezia Giulia occupies a first-rank place in the Italian wine-growing production.
The physical and geographical characteristics of the region are quite particular: they alternate between lands overlooking the sea and highland, gentle hills and imposing reliefs.
It is the great variety of the territory which gives rise to wines of great value